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Hypothetically? Yes.

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Name:The Waystation
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This is what happens when ashavah and alemara decide to create an SG:A/TB crossover. Personally, I blame love-in-idleness, stardrive_pilot, feel_human, a parallel-universe traveling tie clip, too much caffeine and too little sleep.

If you've made it to our little corner of madness and metaphysics, consider yourself warned.

Interested in reading along? Don't feel like scrolling through all the posts? Yeah, neither do we, so we created these handy dandy summary posts for your convenience and ours:

In Atlantis
In Bon Temps
In Atlantis

You're welcome. Enjoy your stay! We take no responsibility for any reactions you may have to our obsession.

This journal is for the purpose of RP and RP-related insanity only. We have no connection to or association with the creators of Stargate: Atlantis, True BloodorThe Southern Vampire Mysteries (Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright, Robert C.Cooper and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer; Charlaine Harris, Alan Ball, and HBO, respectively), no matter how often we wish for things to be different. We're just borrowing their characters and settings so we can screw around with metaphysics.

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atlantis, bon temps, ensuing madness
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